United Studios of Self Defense Menlo Park | Classes
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Women’s Cardio Kickboxing

Join the fun today!

The studio will be closed on the following dates.

Memorial Day – May 28th

Summer Training Camp – TBD

Independence Day – July 4th

Labor Day – Sept 3rd

Halloween – Oct 31st

Thanksgiving – Nov 22nd – 24th

Christmas – Dec 24th – 31st

New Years – Jan 1st

Women’s Cardio Kickboxing

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9am-10am

A great workout for any woman interested in improving their fitness & stamina. Classes integrate calisthenics, punches, kicks & heavy bag work. You will have fun, make new friends, reduce stress and get an awesome workout all at the same time.


Jodi Buyyounouski is an avid athlete who loves sharing her passion for fitness. Jodi is a certified kickboxing instructor with the International Sports Conditioning Association, a member of the Impala Racing Team and a dedicated Crossfit athlete. 

Tiny Tigers

Ages 5-8

The class incorporates fundamentals in striking, grappling, as well as self defense. This age group also has a focus on the development of our five principles; Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Self Control, and Character. We strive to instill in our students a high level of self esteem while pushing them to grow and to enjoy the process of learning and working with others towards personal development. In this class we do start with some sparring and grappling although we place certain limitations on techniques that may be used on partners and there is a large focus on self control.


Ages 8-12

The dragons class incorporates fundamentals for new students however introduces a wider scope of techniques and a deeper level of understanding of execution for students whom are in the advanced class. In this class we seek to lay the groundwork for good stricking and grappling. After this is done the fundamentals are then built on to develop an understanding of the traditional and modern concepts of combat and self defense. Over time students are encouraged to grow into their own fighting style utilizing a significant amount of sparring practice with a rasing level of intensity as students become more advanced. Also at this age range with the advanced students we start to introduce defense against weapons such as knives, clubs, and some firearms. We always strive to introduce a situational understanding for our students so that they know the when, were, what, who, and how so that situations may be avoided, prevented, or if necessary dealt with in the most effective and safest manner.


Ages 12-19

The leopards class covers basic-advanced topics and techniques and aims to further the understanding and training of students whom want an all-round understanding of martial arts. We cover advanced striking and grappling techniques as well as weapon defense. This class is designed around situational understanding covering everything from muggings, home invasions, to more specific instances such as choke and strangle holds, joint locks etc. This class brings all the best of traditional martial arts and modern self defense to try and give the students a complete knowledge for anything that might be thrown their way. We cover traditional forms and movements from our shaolin kempo and go by our traditional belt grading system.


Ages 16+

Our adult classes in both Urban Combat Reality Based MMA and our Urban Combat: Combat Grappling c are open to all students ages 16+ with some special exceptions and to all skill and experience levels.

Through our reality-based system we strive to make our training mimic that of which we will face in the today’s modern world. It might not be pretty and choreographed, but neither is real combat.

In our Urban Combat classes we make use of actual CCTV footage so we can review violent encounters and reverse engineer them to learn how people truly react in the face of an unprovoked attack. Using our findings as a base line we only chose techniques that are congruent with your brains natural responses. We then tailor our drills and sparring to mimic the chaotic nature of physical combat. The result is that students develop fluidity of thought and can easily adapt to unpredictable situations.

Our Urban Combat:Combat Grappling classes are fun and friendly while teaching the best of the worlds fastest growing martial arts. We make sure students learn the fundamentals of positioning and body control while teaching the submissions and techniques that will be most effective for either sport or self defense. We strive to teach the best of all the grappling arts with wrestling, BJJ, Aikido, Judo, and much more as a base to then take what works and leave out anything that would not be useful in a high pressure situation. Each lesson is designed to start with a core position or scenario and then build upon that by exploring the options and possibilities to quickly deal with the opponent no matter where the fight takes you.