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Our History

United Studios of Self Defense Menlo Park was first opened in 1994 with Gary Caldwell as Chief instructor. The dojo has operated at 409 El Camino Real since then and has enjoyed 21 years of great times. Over the years there have been a number of instructors and hundreds of students many of whom have left their unique mark upon USSD Menlo Park helping to grow our family and knowledge. Gary Caldwell, Chief instructor, opened the dojo as an accomplished black belt in USSD as well as an experienced martial artist in other styles at the same time that he was just becoming a father. Brian Strathadee joined our USSD family about 15 years ago as our adult class instructor and has grown the program to be the renowned Urban Combat system used by a number of different law inforcement agencies around the country. Willie Veenhuyzen started as a four year old boy and has now grown to be the instructor of our kids programs having brought his unique expreience and personality to our dojo. The easiest way to encapsulate our 21 years as a staple of the Menlo Park community is to explain that now, after all the years, our students whom have grown are returning with their own children whom they could not imagine sending anywhere else. The dojo has and will continue to be a friendly and happy environment for the families and individuals of Menlo Park for years to come.

History of USSD Corporate and Shoalin Kempo

Here at USSD Menlo Park we teach a variety of martial arts, Shoalin Kempo, Urban Combat MMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The history of all of these arts is a long one and a colorful and exciting story. The history of Shoalin Kempo is a story that is as much full of legend as it is of historical fact. Shoalin kempo is a combination of both Chinese Shoalin martial arts and Japanese Kempo martial arts. The more recent events of the combination of these arts can be traced back through the lineage of USSD and then past this to the development of the different styles from China and Japan.

For a full history of the lineage of USSD as an organization and where we get our martial arts style from I recommend reading the full history provided by our main USSD website. This is also a great place to get a brief understanding of the extensive history of some of the martial arts and people whom have had a large role in shaping the martial arts style of Shaolin Kempo including the styles of the Chinese Shaolin Temple, and the styles of Kempo and Karate in Japan.